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 Beepmeep - 80 Shadow Priest

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PostSubject: Beepmeep - 80 Shadow Priest   Mon 14 Jun 2010, 12:50 am

First, I'd like to say that I know that im not raider material yet, I have not really played a shadow priest ever before, so I have a lot of learning to do and there are still a lot of ways that I need to improve my character and im working hard on it.
The reason that I'm making my application now, is that I would like some people to talk with while I am gearing and I'd like to get to meet some of the people in the guild to get to know them before I start raiding. Also I already have some friends in the guild that I know from back when i was playing in Snaftos, and I'd really like to be in guild with them again.

Character Information

Character Name: Beepmeep
Level: 80
Class: Priest
Spec: 13/0/58 - Shadow
Time Played: 43 Days on this char, but on my old main I have 160 Days

Alt Characters & Levels:

Asheer 80 Paladin tank - This is the character that have been my main uptil now from the beginning of TBC
When I left Snaftos, I transfered to play with some real life friends, but recently our guild disbanded due to lack of members and motivation. I was an officer in this guild named Sworn.

Floxom - 80 Warrior - Random alt that never really got geared.

Sayon - 80 Warlock – Random alt again that I played with on horde side for fun.

Hurrderp – 80 Druid – An alt i used for pvp with a real-life friend, never got any high though :/.

Littletoe – 70 Mage – My main in vanilla.

Asheer – 70 Mage – An alt i levelled on horde side, but never got to 80 cause i got sick of Northrend.

A lot of sub 70 alts, but too many for me to mention.

Personal Information

Age: 21
Location: Denmark
Male/Female: Male



Main Professions (inc levels): 405 Engineering (But it will most likely be changed)
Secondary Professions (inc levels): None.
Any Notable Recipes, Patterns etc:

I will level second profession as soon as I have the money, but as stupid as I am, I forgot to transfer gold with my character, so I will have to do some farming before it will be topped.


Raid Experience

This is only for the character you are applying with and only completed at the appropriate level that matches the instance level, ie. Black Wing Lair @ 60 / Black Temple @ 70 / Naxx @ 60 or 80 etc.

Vanilla WoW 1.0+ : None

The Burning Crusade 2.0+ : Some random karazhan runs I think.

Wrath of the Lich King 3.0+ : All normal modes below ICC, and ICC10 first wing.

-Is there any other raid experience on alt characters you think is worth noting? (Again, only list raid experience completed at the appropriate level which matches the instance level):

Vanilla WoW 1.0+ (As Mage and Resto druid):

Zul'Gurub: Cleared
Molten Core: Cleared
Blackwing Lair: Cleared
AQ20: Cleared
AQ40: Upto twins
Naxx: Spider wing and Instructor

The Burning Crusade 2.0+:

Karazhan: Cleared (As Protection Paladin)
Gruul's Lair: Cleared
SSC: Cleared
TK: Didn't kill Kael (Had a LOT of attempts though, a lot of them with some of you guys)
Magtheridon's Lair: Cleared
MH: Archimonde wasn't killed im afraid :/
BT: 5/9

Wrath of the Lich King 3.0+: (As Protection Paladin)

Naxxramas: Cleared
OS: Cleared
Ulduar: Cleared all normal modes on 25man and All hardmodes on 10man inclusive Algalon
ToC: Cleared all on normal and 3 hardmodes on 25man and all hardmodes on 10man
ICC: Cleared all on normal mode and 9 hardmodes on 25man and 10 hardmodes on 10man.

-What is your attitude towards raiding? This includes signing up, preparation and during a raid:

I take my raiding seriously, you wont see me lacking flasks, reagents or food, I will sign up for any raids that im available for, and sign off for anything im unable to attend.
Inside raids im usually very quiet, eventually whispering suggestions to the tactic to an officer or the raid leader.

-What is your attitude towards 'l00t'?:

Well.. I like loot, but its not my motivation for raiding, I get what I get, and wont whine about it in any way.

Raiding Availabilty

(The majority of Fatal's raids begin at 8pm Game Time and finish at 12am)

Monday: Yes
Tuesday: Yes
Wednesday: Yes
Thursday: No
Friday: Yes
Saturday: Yes
Sunday: Yes

-Anything else we should note? eg. Do you work alternating work shifts/times, have you any lengthy important AFK’s in the near future?:

I've got some partys coming up, I will most likely be off for a festival in week 26, away in week 28, Guild meeting for my old guild, that we've decided to keep due to the strong social side in my old guild in week 31 and then im gonna attend a 1 week party in week 31.
Some of these weeks I might be able to join anyway, but i wont promise anything.

-Are you available to extend past our 12am raid time if an important boss be close to being killed or we are near a full clear of an instance?: Yes, but 2am as the latest when im getting up the next day.


Character Links

Armoury: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Saurfang&cn=Beepmeep Will probably change to http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Silvermoon&cn=Beepmeep once armory is updated
beimba (http://be.imba.hu): http://be.imba.hu/?zone=EU&realm=Saurfang&character=Beepmeep

Im aware that my gear sucks. It will be changed fast.


Class Improvements

Do you read up about your class for improvements? For eg. which websites would you use?
Yes. Elitistjerks.com is the one im using for shadow priest atm, but i will look up some other sites at another time like for example I'm using maintankadin.failsafedesign.com for my prot pally.


You and Fatal

How did you hear about Fatal?
Well, after my time in snaftos I've kept in contact with a few of the old members (Mainly biazar) and I would really like to play with you guys again.

What are you looking for when joining a new guild like Fatal?
Im looking for a very good social guild, which do some solid raiding at the same time.


Guild History

Previous Guilds:
Artifâct (Vanilla)
Resolve (Vanilla)
Snaftos (TBC)
Sworn (TBC & WotLK)
Is a sinner (WotLK)

Reason for leaving the most recent guild you were a member of:
The most recent guild I was a member of were Is a sinner on Azjol-Nerub. After my time in Sworn I decided to try out some hardcore raiding rather than the 3 days a week thing i had going on there. So I chose to join Is a sinner with a few friends. They were in fact pretty happy with me, they told me so at least, saying that i had some solid tanking and did a very good job.
I didn't find myself at home there though, with all my friends gone and I quickly discovered that raiding 6 days a week (4 x 25man & 2 x 10man) was waay too much for me, and i got fed up with the game.
I decided to step it down and go somewhat casual again.


Additional Info

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself and World of Warcraft? This could include your history playing WoW, notable guilds, experiences you've had, playing times, favourite things, dislikes?
I believe that I've told you quite a bit of my history already and I will spare you for even more wall of text. I can however, tell you that what I would say was my best time in wow was in Vanilla wow. I really enjoyed wiping in BWL on fights like Ragnaros, Vael and Nefarian, which I think required a lot more coordination and preparation than the fights we see today.
Also I dont like the attitude that a lot of players have towards raiding, that as soon as you've wiped for a couple of days on 1 boss they stop showing up or think that the boss really sucks etc. rather than looking where to improve and do their best to keep it going without whine and wait for the kill, which in my opinion is the most awesome about this game. (To get a first kill that you've worked long and hard for).
Another part of the game that I really enjoy is the social aspect.

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself? This could include any other personal information like hobbies, interests, work. Or you may want to write about your personality and likes/dislikes:
I go to school and I dont really have any hobbies apart from playing different games like League of Legends and whatever single player games might appear like Assasin's Creed, Spilter Cell etc. I live by myself, which ofcourse leaves my in total control of my play times, and im used to plan my everyday life around raiding.

Thanks for reading my application, and i will look forward to hearing your answer.

\\Beepmeep aka Asheer Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Beepmeep - 80 Shadow Priest   Mon 14 Jun 2010, 8:28 pm

Good to see you apply to Fatal mate,
I really like to raid/farm heroics with you again Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Beepmeep - 80 Shadow Priest   Wed 16 Jun 2010, 1:47 pm

I'm sorry but we can't offer you a place here, but good luck in finding a guild that suits you.
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PostSubject: Re: Beepmeep - 80 Shadow Priest   Wed 16 Jun 2010, 3:18 pm

Why if I may ask? Anything I can do anything about?
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PostSubject: Re: Beepmeep - 80 Shadow Priest   

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Beepmeep - 80 Shadow Priest
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