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PostSubject: ohmadone~fury/prot~application   Wed 15 Sep 2010, 11:30 am

Character Information

Character Name:ohmadone
Time Played:

Alt Characters & Levels: Warlock 80 / paladin 80 / rogue 80 / mage 80 /druid 80


Personal Information




Main Professions (inc levels):blacksmith
Secondary Professions (inc levels):mining for this present time cause of catalysm. on my skilled and gear is raiding for raiding ill change mining for another main proffesion.
Any Notable Recipes, Patterns etc:nope


Raid Experience

This is only for the character you are applying with and only completed at the appropriate level that matches the instance level, ie. Black Wing Lair @ 60 / Black Temple @ 70 / Naxx @ 60 or 80 etc.

Vanilla WoW 1.0+ :N/a

The Burning Crusade 2.0+ :N/a

Wrath of the Lich King 3.0+ : toc 25 icc 10 10/12 icc 25 6-12

-Is there any other raid experience on alt characters you think is worth noting? (Again, only list raid experience completed at the appropriate level which matches the instance level):
yep my old main is retired now cause i rerolled for catalysm.
Warlock toc 25 5/5 heroic mode 4/5, icc 25 hardmode 11-12 icc 10 man 11-12 hardmode
Deathknight+ silvermoon with Genesis tbc content+ Naxx + sarth 3drakes + malygos + ulduar hardmode cleared.

-What is your attitude towards raiding? This includes signing up, preparation and during a raid: perfect never afk at during raids unless told to do so.
Tbh dont like afkers i preffer to get on with it.

-What is your attitude towards 'l00t'?: loot is ofc nice. its one of the rewards you get for raiding and all efforts u put in it. Loot is a form of gear to help u make ur job easier than not having any. imagine tanks and healers nake or in greens. =)


Raiding Availabilty

(The majority of Fatal's raids begin at 8pm Game Time and finish at 12am)

Monday: Yes
Tuesday: Yes
Wednesday: Yes
Thursday: Yes
Friday: Yes
Saturday: Yes
Sunday: Yes

-Anything else we should note? eg. Do you work alternating work shifts/times, have you any lengthy important AFK’s in the near future?: Nope

-Are you available to extend past our 12am raid time if an important boss be close to being killed or we are near a full clear of an instance?: yep ofc. Tbh i hate quitters =/ so push push for success.


Character Links



Class Improvements

Do you read up about your class for improvements? For eg. which websites would you use?
yes, elitejerks/rawwr/tankspot also community in world of warcraft live servers. since i know apex/numen/minions of mithril/windwalkers/Genesis and a few others. we have our own ventrilo where we get together and chat about things. Do remember i played in this guilds and we stayed in touch since we do have a good laugh together.


You and Fatal

How did you hear about Fatal?
ingame friend mentioned u guys was recruiting .

What are you looking for when joining a new guild like Fatal?
Raiding+ a good sense of humour.
Catalysm raiding is a major must for me so no disbanding please.


Guild History

Previous Guilds: khadgars rage / windwalkers /precedent / Reborn / genesis /ambuscade

Reason for leaving the most recent guild you were a member of:
Left ambuscade.
Went on to play Aion for patch 1.9 but sadly failed so decided to play wow now and for catalysm.


Additional Info

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself and World of Warcraft? This could include your history playing WoW, notable guilds, experiences you've had, playing times, favourite things, dislikes?
khadgars rage was my first guild. We Started off in beta together and went on to live servers with best guilds like nihilum on burning legion. later on transfered to magtheridon.
we was one of the best alliance guilds in eu till guild disbanded a few years ago.

Then me and few friends re-rolled on a new realm called veknilash and formed a guild known has Windwalkers in which is now on stormscale. We was raiding at top 50 guild in europe during are reign on the realm.

Then i went on to Pvp on Nordrassil, my guild was precedent. Became 2v2 winners merciless gladiator title gained while on the server.
wotlk came I reroll on silvermoon and joined Genesis.
Genesis is my second favourite guild. did many great things and alot of server 3rdkills.
Left Genesis cause of mukzy penalized 300+minus dkp on people in the guild that did not deserved it. Im sure old members remember that inciddent very well. Then I went off to play Aion for a while.

After a while aion got boring and decided to come back to wow.
Back to wow about april. Rerolled on thunderhorn, had to start from the bottom and worked on my gear till I could apply to better guild near my skill level.
Started in nocturnal casual and went to adrenaline (disbanded ) and finaly joined Ambuscade.

I left ambuscade saturday 12th june.

Hate people constant dc problems and afk alot.

thats about it.

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself? This could include any other personal information like hobbies, interests, work. Or you may want to write about your personality and likes/dislikes: Yes im a joker love to joke and have a major laugh all the time. I cannot stand dead people with a chip on the shoulder.

Ill leave u all with a awesom comment from Chris rock.

America do not want to legalise drugs for 2 reasons.
1. cause they make way to much money putting brown and black people in jail.

2. America goverment will never legalise drugs, cause god forbid some brown people got wealthy. Cant have that, cause drugs come from brown countries. We cant have brown wealthy people In America, there is no wealthy brown or black people in america. They got some rich ones but not " wealthy " ones.
people say " whats the difference" the difference is shaq is rich but the white man who signs his check is wealthy and thats the difference.

anyways i leave you a joke :
Why did god give black people white palms and white feet?

To show the world that there is still a little good in em all. haha

Do not worry im not a racist my mother is black and my dad is white american.

p.s dont loot at my gear in a sad way im rerolling to play warrior for catalysm. I will not be liability but more of investment for catalysm.

Do contact Enlightened from Genesis his officer of the guild and will talk to you guys about me.

Also vandit we spoke ingame before about all this. I spoken for 1 hour with genesis about my future with them. So im gonna devote my effort to another guild and i wished it be fatal. I will not be leaving to join genesis in the future this is 100%. will explain why privately.

thank you for your time.

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PostSubject: Re: ohmadone~fury/prot~application   Wed 15 Sep 2010, 11:49 am

Thanks for the application, it is currently under disscussion and we hope to get back to you asap.

I know you contacted me 'in-game' but it certainly helps me explain things to the other Officers if they can first read the basics included in this app Wink

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PostSubject: =)   Wed 15 Sep 2010, 1:22 pm

Thank you vandit.

Btw im 100% commited so dont forget im all urs for catalysm and ill be getting fury and tank gear to the max. i love tanking and dps.

like to add I aint pugging today for icc 25 incase Iget a trial if not no worries.
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Number of posts : 3087
Age : 39
Location : Derbyshire, UK
Registration date : 2008-11-18

PostSubject: Re: ohmadone~fury/prot~application   Wed 15 Sep 2010, 4:23 pm

We are still wating on officer votes (which could take until later today 5pm+) but we would hopefully be able to set up an OOG (out of guild) trial tonight.

I normally lead the raids but unfortunately I have work committments today. This is a rarity for myself but luckily we have other Officer capable of leading.

We have a few AFK's tonight so a fresh run of ICC will probably be the outcome, although our current objective is Lich King. Unfortunately we've suffered too many AFK's recently to continue work on him, hence why we're recruiting more people.

Just so you are aware, when the team looks good enough we don't intend to keep farming, but days like today it offers us 'something' to do while we try get back up to full strength to continue on LK.


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PostSubject: Re: ohmadone~fury/prot~application   Wed 15 Sep 2010, 4:26 pm

ill be online so no worries.

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PostSubject: Re: ohmadone~fury/prot~application   

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