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 Xíía-Blood Deathknight

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Age : 27
Registration date : 2011-01-20

PostSubject: Xíía-Blood Deathknight   Fri 21 Jan 2011, 12:16 am

Character Information

Character Name: Xíía
Level: 85
Class: DeathKnight
Spec: Blood
Time Played: 31 days

Alt Characters & Levels:
Character Name: Xía
Level: 85
Class: Priest
Spec: Shadow
Time Played: 287 days


Personal Information

Age: 19
Location: England (Yorkshire and proud)
Male/Female: Male



Main Professions (inc levels): Mining level 525 + Blacksmithing level 515
Secondary Professions (inc levels): First Aid level 450
Any Notable Recipes, Patterns etc: None


Raid Experience

This is only for the character you are applying with and only completed at the appropriate level that matches the instance level, ie. Black Wing Lair @ 60 / Black Temple @ 70 / Naxx @ 60 or 80 etc.

Vanilla WoW 1.0+ : None

The Burning Crusade 2.0+ : None

Wrath of the Lich King 3.0+ :
Icecrown Citadel: 10 man- 12/12 Normal Mode 11/12 Heroic Mode
Icecrown Citadel: 25 man- 11/12 Normal Mode
(Sindragosa not completed)

Cataclysm 4.0+ : Blackwing Descent: 10 man- 1/6 Normal Mode (Magmaw + near kills with Omnotron Defence System)

-Is there any other raid experience on alt characters you think is worth noting? (Again, only list raid experience completed at the appropriate level which matches the instance level):

Vanilla WoW 1.0+ :

Zul’ Gurub: Cleared
Onyxia’s Lair: Cleared
Molten Core: Cleared
Blackwing Lair: Cleared
Ruins of AQ: Cleared
Temple of AQ: Cleared

The Burning Crusade 2.0+ :

Karazhan: Cleared
Gruul’s Lair: Cleared
Magtheridon’s Lair: Cleared
Tempest Keep: Cleared
Serpentshrine Caverns: Cleared
Zul Aman: Cleared
(including leading several successfull Bear Runs)
Mount Hyjal: Cleared
Black Temple: Cleared
Sunwell Plateau: 5/6 Pre nerf
(Kil’Jaeden soon after nerf)

Wrath of the Lich King 3.0+ :

Obsidian Sanctum: Cleared 10/25 +3 drakes
Naxxramas: Cleared 10/25
Eye of Eternity: Cleared 10/25
Ulduar: Cleared 14/14+ 9/9 Hardmodes 10/25
(Realm First Algalon 25, Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10/25 and leading 3 successful Herald of the Titans runs within the guild.)
Trial of the Crusader: Tribute to Insanity 10/25
Icecrown Citedal: 12/12 10 man Heroic and Normal Mode
11/12 25 man Heroic Mode 12/12 Normal Mode
(Glory of the Icecrown Raider completed 10/25 + Leading successful Glory Sell Runs to 2 buyers)

Cataclysm 4.0+ : None

-What is your attitude towards raiding? This includes signing up, preparation and during a raid:

I have always enjoyed raiding, it very rarely becomes a chore. I enjoy wiping relentlessly learning a boss, perfecting kills and finding more challenging ways to do bosses. Through over 6 years competitive raiding experience I would say my attitudes towards raids and raiding are where they should be, on time with consumables and prepared to give it ya all.

-What is your attitude towards 'l00t'?:

Everyone wants to get upgrades but loot is a bi-product of raiding that is there to improve the roster and aid progression.


Raiding Availabilty

(The majority of Fatal's raids begin at 8pm Game Time and finish at 12am)

Monday: Yes
Tuesday: Yes
Wednesday: Yes
Thursday: Yes
Friday: Yes
Saturday: Yes
Sunday: Yes

-Anything else we should note? eg. Do you work alternating work shifts/times, have you any lengthy important AFK’s in the near future?:

I am a full time student this means there will be times where I have a few weeks of exams that require good prep work. Afks will be expected during exam weeks next being in June.

-Are you available to extend past our 12am raid time if an important boss be close to being killed or we are near a full clear of an instance?:

Of course


Character Links

Armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/x%C3%AD%C3%ADa/advanced



Class Improvements

Do you read up about your class for improvements? For eg. which websites would you use?

I have been using MMO forums and Elitist Jerks to get all my need to knows about Deathknights. Previously I was using Skeleton Jack but the moderator has stopped playing wow.


You and Fatal

How did you hear about Fatal?

Realm Forums

What are you looking for when joining a new guild like Fatal?

At the moment I am hunting for a casual raiding schedule with a good atmosphere. I have decided to continue playing WoW through 10 mans as they are less demanding and I have simply always had more fun while in 10 mans than in 25 man raids.


Guild History

Previous Guilds:

Most Recently Reclamation Yard.

Reason for leaving the most recent guild you were a member of:

I love everything about the guild including the people in it. Although there were plans pre cata to set up a more casual 10 man raiding scene within the guild I am not in a place where I am prepared to set up and lead raiding teams I much prefer the less stressful approach which means I can keep up with my studies and my social life.

Additional Info

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself and World of Warcraft? This could include your history playing WoW, notable guilds, experiences you've had, playing times, favourite things, dislikes?

As you would of figured out by now I am applying with a character that has only recently become my main character. I decided to stop playing my priest late in WotLK with proposed changes to Dot mechanics and Shadowpriest mechanics, shadow went from being a complex and brilliant spec to play to something reasonably straight forward (no offence to any shadowpriests reading but I hope you agree that it has been simplified) .

I enjoyed tanking with my Deathknight during WotLK running GDKP runs , guild alt 10 mans and achievement runs etc. Tanking is and always has been for me enjoyable and challenging for the most of times.

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself? This could include any other personal information like hobbies, interests, work. Or you may want to write about your personality and likes/dislikes:

I need to add that I have a very dry and brutal sense of humour. I swear like a sailor and do and will joke with people that to the un-experienced eye would be offensive. I take it as well as I give it but I do not want any misconceptions of me being some kind of rainbows and gum drops Disney character.

Edit: I forgot to Add that I do have a working version of Ventrillo and a working mic.
Edit: Added Armory links for my character + alt now it is back up.

Thanks for reading
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PostSubject: Re: Xíía-Blood Deathknight   Fri 21 Jan 2011, 1:04 pm

We spoke briefly in game last night. Thanks for your interest in Fatal, the officers are currently discussing your app and will be in contact soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Xíía-Blood Deathknight   Mon 24 Jan 2011, 11:57 am

Hi there, we would like to offer you a out of guild trial this Wednesday if you're available? This would normally be followed by a brief private ventrillo interview between you and a few Officers...nothing too formal but a chance to introduce properly.

Please let us know if you're available 26th Jan 2011 (8pm to 11pm Game-Time) thanks.


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PostSubject: Re: Xíía-Blood Deathknight   

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Xíía-Blood Deathknight
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