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 Trifect - Elemental/Resto Shaman - Apply

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Age : 29
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PostSubject: Trifect - Elemental/Resto Shaman - Apply   Fri 30 Oct 2009, 9:50 pm

Character Information

Character Name: Trifect
Level: 80
Class: Shaman
Spec: Elemental - Resto dual spec
Time Played: 76 days

Alt Characters & Levels:

Radium - level 80 Hunter - Silvermoon
Sunandsteel - level 80 warrior (tank) - Tarren Mill
Vykon - Level 80 Death Knight - Daggerspine
Those are my 80's. I'm not even gonna list all the 60-79 I have Razz
I'm an Altoholic, I guess. Haha!


Personal Information

Location:the Netherlands



Main Professions (inc levels):Mining(450) and Inscription(430)
Secondary Professions (inc levels):First Aid only.
Any Notable Recipes, Patterns etc: -


Raid Experience

This is only for the character you are applying with and only completed at the appropriate level that matches the instance level, ie. Black Wing Lair @ 60 / Black Temple @ 70 / Naxx @ 60 or 80 etc.

Vanilla WoW 1.0+ : Only started raiding in TBC.

The Burning Crusade 2.0+ : I can list the whole thing, but I've done up to and including Illidan, so that includes Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon, SSC, Mount Hyjal and BT

Wrath of the Lich King 3.0+ :
- VoA
- EoE
- Obsidian Sanctum
- Naxxramas
- Ulduar up to Vezax
- ToC up to Faction Champions.

-Is there any other raid experience on alt characters you think is worth noting? (Again, only list raid experience completed at the appropriate level which matches the instance level):
This is actually my 'alt'. The last few months I spent an awful lot of time to gear up my Tauren Warrior and my Night Elf Hunter ( also on Silvermoon ) so this character was kind of pushed back a little bit, but I'm ready to pick him up again. Especially due to the versatility and utilityof Shamans, and the ability to have a healing offspec.

-What is your attitude towards raiding? This includes signing up, preparation and during a raid:
I was a hardcore raider back in TBC. Signing up for every raid, farming for flasks and mats, leading on Ventrilo ( yes I was a guild officer back then ;-) ) but in WotLK I took a step back from hardcore raiding due to IRL things. I'm ready to get back to that again Wink

Like I said, during TBC I was an officer and the Hunter class leader in my guild. But I know my superiors so I know when to shut up in raids, especially if I was to join your guild, I would only speak if you wanted me to. I have Vent installed and a Mic ready.

-What is your attitude towards 'l00t'?:
Raiding for experience and fun, and not for loot. I see loot as a tool to accomplish greater raiding goals and achievements, but it isn't a priority for me. I like to get together with a bunch of gamers and strive for a common goal!


Raiding Availabilty

(The majority of Fatal's raids begin at 8pm Game Time and finish at 12am)

I heard you raid at Mondays and Wednesdays. The thing is, I can MOSTLY join the raids right now, but I'm still rescheduling everything IRL so it might be that I can't have a strict 100 % attendancy. Ofcourse I'll try to change this as time progresses. I love raiding though and I will come prepared every time!

-Anything else we should note? eg. Do you work alternating work shifts/times, have you any lengthy important AFK’s in the near future?:

Yes, right now I have night shifts at the train station ( I work on the rails at night ) so I can't really raid longer then 23.00, but this changes in 2010. From januari 2010 on I can still till 04.00 in the night if I have too haha! I'm gonna live on my own then too Wink

-Are you available to extend past our 12am raid time if an important boss be close to being killed or we are near a full clear of an instance?:

Not right now, but soon enough, yes. I don't immediately log off when raiding time is over, I'm not like that.


Character Links

beimba (http://be.imba.hu):


Class Improvements

Do you read up about your class for improvements? For eg. which websites would you use?

Yes I do, a lot actually!! I have a 60 + of every class, so not only do I know my own class, but I know a lot about other classes as well! I use Elitist Jerks, Mmo-champion.com, tankspot.com, StratFu videos and other handy guides like the Elemental Shaman guide that Implied of Ensidia put together Wink


You and Fatal

How did you hear about Fatal?
I was grouped in a Onyxia 10-man today with a mage from your guild, Angelx. He told me you were in dire need of a shaman, so I decided to apply and dust off this character Smile

What are you looking for when joining a new guild like Fatal?
A friendly community, with a strong feeling for friendship and a common goal. Serious players that know their class well, but yet have a moment to spare for a laugh or two outside Progress raids :-)

Guild History

Previous Guilds:
I haven't been in a guild for a few months now, because like I said, this Shaman was just recently dusted off and farming gear to catch up. So it's not really useful to post this. Heck, I don't even remember the guild names haha!

Reason for leaving the most recent guild you were a member of:
There's none Smile I've been a Freelancing Shaman since summer Holidays now haha!


Additional Info

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself and World of Warcraft? This could include your history playing WoW, notable guilds, experiences you've had, playing times, favourite things, dislikes?

I have had a very broad experience on WoW in the past 3 years. When TBC released, my highest character was a 55 hunter. I remembre seeing all those Alliance level 60, decked in Naxxramas gear, going through the portal and DAMN I was jealous haha! I leveled like a crazy man, and when I was 70, I joined a hardcore raiding guild that got # 3 Illidan kill on the server.

My Hunter was my only 70 at that moment, but when I friend asked me to Recruit-A-Friend with him, we leveled a 60 of EVERY class ( yes that's right, every class ) to 60 within 1 month, and I decided to level some more alts. Now this guy is 80 too, and my DK and warrior are 80 too. I have a 70 warlock, 72 paladin blabla, you can imagine it gets time consuming sometimes to give them all attention Smile anyway, I still like WoW a lot every day, and I can't wait for patch 3.3 and the ICC raids!

-Anything else you would like to add to your application regarding yourself? This could include any other personal information like hobbies, interests, work. Or you may want to write about your personality and likes/dislikes:

Well, like I said, I'm 22 years old, and studying at the Maastricht University in Holland. I study Graphic Design there Wink I'm also a huge music fan, and I'm Resident DJ at a huge nightclub ( think: 1000 people if full ) in our town Smile so Saturday evening = no raids for me haha!

Anyway, I hope you let me in and I'm looking forward to meet you all Smile

Peace out!, and may my totems be with you!
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PostSubject: Re: Trifect - Elemental/Resto Shaman - Apply   Sat 31 Oct 2009, 12:19 am

The Officers are currently disscussing your app' and will let you know the outcome asap.

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PostSubject: Re: Trifect - Elemental/Resto Shaman - Apply   Tue 03 Nov 2009, 1:28 am

Please contact Redmaine Taar or Vandit for a chat

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PostSubject: Re: Trifect - Elemental/Resto Shaman - Apply   

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Trifect - Elemental/Resto Shaman - Apply
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